Collectors cards # JENJEDENCÍL

Collectors cards # jenjedencíl
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Collectible cards #jenjedencíl – an extraordinary year for sports stars

This season has been a truly outstanding one for numerous individual athletes. It is for this reason that the SPORT INVEST agency, which represents an extensive portfolio of leading Czech athletes, has decided to introduce a unique edition of collectible trading cards #jenjedencíl (English: only one goal) to sports fans.

It is not only the agency’s representation which the portrayed athletes have in common; it is also the outstanding year which each of them has had, albeit it may have been such in various ways. Notwithstanding this, or, perhaps, exactly for that reason, this collectors’ edition bears the hashtag label of #jenjedencíl. It is not always simply bold sporting plans such as preparing oneself for potential medal acquisitions which have been at stake. The personalities included in the edition are unique individuals with no less unique plans for the future.

Martina Sáblíková, for example, continues to pursue her cycling dreams which are by no means precluded by her problematic participation in the Olympics. Some goals have already been achieved; this spring rower Ondřej Synek expressed his desire to finish his university studies apart from other medal-related goals, the former of which he has now fulfilled. Beach volleyball players Markéta Sluková and Bára Hermanová were looking to attack the world’s leading teams and have succeeded in doing so by receiving a silver medal at the recent European championship. Vavřinec Hradilek, too, did not confine himself to merely sports-related goals; he has finished shooting a feature film and launched a sports bar at the Moldau river. This is not to forget his silver medal from the European championship which proves that he has still managed to remain one of his sport’s leading individuals.

Next to Ondřej Synek and Vavřinec Hradilek, others gradually fulfil their dreams. Canoist Martin Fuksa is becoming a distinctive personality which may soon figure in best Czech athlete polls. Meanwhile, his K-4 colleagues have proven that this discipline, too, requires high regard for team work and coherence.

Handicapped cyclist Jiří Bouška has been meeting his goals throughout the entire year by placing in the top three in various disciplines, a feat that could only be topped by the recent birth of his son. Shooter Adéla Bruns (formerly going by her birth name Sýkorová) has also reached her first significant successes on the global scale and continues to show after her wedding that Kateřina Emmons need not look for a worthy successor any more.

The #jenjedencíl collectible cards will be made available during the course of various competitions held via the social media of different athletes, as well as by direct sale. Each packet with the exclusive series will contain nine cards and—similarly to popular ice-hockey cards—one of these will always be a premium one. The cards are available for purchase at eshop.petr-cech.cz.

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